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Legislative Advocacy

How much do you understand about the legislative process surrounding disability services? How much time do you have to stay on top of important issues in special education, human services or employment for the disabled? Do you know what legislation is pending right now that could affect your business or the quality of care that you or your family member receives?

Senator McCain & AAPPD MembersAAPPD’s 80+ members serve nearly two-thirds of the estimated 28,000 developmentally disabled individuals in Arizona’s DES system. And, that doesn’t include the thousands of others who need help, but for a number of reasons, don’t receive services.

You can count on AAPPD to lobby on your behalf!

AAPPD – Providing a Voice for Individuals and Families

If you or your family member would like to learn how AAPPD advocates on your behalf, visit our news section where we often post notices about upcoming legislative sessions and other pertinent information.

Guiding our Members

When you join AAPPD you become part of a strong network of providers and vendors who share common interests and concerns. As an AAPPD provider member, you are a board member and part of a powerful, collective voice for our industry.

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If you think your business would benefit from AAPPD membership, please complete and submit our member registration form and we will contact you. If you have any questions about AAPPD, our member providers or our services, please feel free to contact us.