$ 64.8 M for I/DD Services Included in Bipartisan State Budget

by Admin | June 25, 2022

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State Budget Update: I/DD Legislative Wrap Up Report

The Legislature adjourned on June 27th at 12:25am after having enacted a $18B bi-partisan budget. We are thrilled to share that this budget included significant investments in funding for IDD services – with over $64 million for IDD Services!

State Budget Summary

The state budget included $56.7 million for increased reimbursement rates for DD providers, which equals about a 9.7% increase to HCBS provider rates, overall. Additionally, the budget included $3.4 million for increased reimbursement rates for AzEIP providers, $500,000 for state-only HCBS services, and $4.2 million increase to the cost effectiveness study rates for individuals whose services go over the CES.

In addition, $1.2 million was provided to fund the DD Group Home Monitoring Pilot program.  Specifics on the DD Group Home Monitoring Pilot can be found in HB 2865 beginning on page 3 of the bill.  Also included in HB 2865 is a requirement that DDD provide an annual report related to group homes and incident reports.  Those details can be found on page 2 of the bill.

State Legislative Summary

Among other legislation, there were several other bills that impact the IDD community that we wanted to highlight:

HB 2397 emotional abuse; vulnerable adults sponsored by Representative Dunn expanded the definition of “abuse” for the purpose of Adult Protective Services to include emotional abuse. “Emotional abuse” is defined at a pattern of ridiculing or demeaning a vulnerable adult, making derogatory remarks to a vulnerable adult, verbally harassing a vulnerable adult or threatening to inflict physical or emotional harm on a vulnerable adult.

SB 1231 independent oversight committee; developmental disabilities sponsored by Senator Barto requires DDD to allow the Independent Oversight Committee on Persons with Developmental Disabilities 30 days to review new policies and major policy changes before DDD submits them for public comment.

SB 1542 group homes; electronic monitoring sponsored by Senator Barto allows a provider who is operating a group home, nursing supported group home or an intermediate care facility for IDD individuals to install, oversee, and monitor electronic monitoring devices, unless any client or the client’s guardian objects to the installation. The bill also allows for the provider to require cost sharing with the responsible persons. DES will incorporate this legislation into their rulemaking process for Article 14 - Electronic Monitoring.

Please Help Us Thank our Champions
AAPPD has many champions to thank for their hard work in getting $64 million in ongoing funding in the budget. We especially want to thank Senator Nancy Barto whose efforts help to secure the funding for provider rate increases in the budget - she never wavered in her support of the need for additional funding for IDD services. 

If you would like to say thank you to Sen. Barto here is her contact information:
Office: 602-926-5766
Facebook Handle: @nancybarto2022
Twitter Handle: @NancyBarto


Please also help us thank the following legislators who also helped to include funding for IDD services in the budget:

President Karen Fann

Email: kfann@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-5874

Facebook Handle: @karenfann

Twitter Handle: @fannkfann


Senator Vince Leach

Email: vleach@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-3106

Facebook Handle: @electvinceleach

Twitter Handle: @vinceleach


Senator David Gowan

Email: dgowan@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-5154

Facebook Handle: @davidgowanaz

Twitter Handle: @azdavidgowan


Speaker Rusty Bowers

Email: rbowers@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-3128

Facebook Handle: @rusty.bowers.3

Twitter Handle: @speakerbowers


Sen. Rebecca Rios

Email: rrios@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-3073

Facebook Handle: @riosforaz

Twitter Handle: @rios_rebecca


Representative Ben Toma

Email: btoma@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-3298

Facebook Handle: @votebentoma

Twitter Handle: @repbentoma


Representative Regina Cobb

Email: rcobb@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-3126

Facebook Handle: @drginacobb

Twitter Handle: @recobbforazrep


Representative Joanne Osborne

Email: josborne@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-3181

Facebook Handle: @osborne8

Twitter Handle: @JoanneOsborne8


Representative Michelle Udall

Email: mudall@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-4856

Facebook Handle: @electmichelleudall

Twitter Handle: @michudall


Representative John Kavanagh

Email: jkavanagh@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-5170

Facebook Handle: @john.kavanaghaz

Twitter Handle: @johnkavanagh_AZ


Representative Jennifer Longdon

Email: jlongdon@azleg.gov

Office: 602-926-3264

Facebook Handle: @jenlongdonforhouse

Twitter Handle: @jenlongdon

In addition, personal emails to the legislators you have a relationship with or have been communicating with are always the most impactful. Please send thank you notes to those you've been in contact with.
Thank You to our members! 
Thank you to all who participated in our advocacy efforts this session - your time and commitment made a difference and helped us secure these incredibly important funds.



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