Your vote counts! Know what is on your ballot this year.

by Admin | October 17, 2022

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The General Election is less than one month away, make sure your voice is heard by voting this November!

It is very important you are prepared as you fill out your ballot for the upcoming election. The candidates that you will vote for on all levels of the ballot - congressional, state and local, will decide on policies that affect the I/DD community in the future. 

Please review the below information carefully. 



This year, Arizona has federal and state elections, local races, and ballot initiatives.

A new Governor will be elected, and one of the Arizona’s Senate seats and all nine Congressional seats are being contested.

You can find your congressional and legislative districts by clicking here and entering your home address.

If you would like to view information on candidates, you can view information on each candidate on the AZ Secretary of State’s Candidate pages here.

Goodman Schwartz Public Affairs has also prepared a Statewide Ballot Initiative Voting Guide which can be found here.

Additional information on the ballot initiatives can be found here in the publicity pamphlet produced by the AZ Secretary of State's Office.

For the publicity pamphlet circulated by Citizens Clean Elections Commission click here.



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